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Justin Jack
Member: IEEE - Computer Society, Technical Committee on Software Engineering
  • 1221 County Road 1180, Decatur, TX 76234
  • C: (940) 577-7489
  • justin@justinjack.com
Professional Summary

I am a problem solver.  I have extensive experience in building crucial business software front and back end.  I have implemented many protocols in many languages.  My most common go-to languages are C, C++, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/JQuery, and PHP however I am familiar with and have used many others. I am proficient in both Windows Linux operating systems and can use utilize both Microsoft and Posix APIs.  I have written many custom-purpose server applications on both platforms.  I am also very proficient in designing multi-threaded/multi-process applications when the need arises.

I am an expert in telephony systems.  I have designed and built VoIP systems from scratch - implementing my own audio engines, SIP stacks, (industry standard) codecs and DSP.  You can find some of my code on Stack Overflow where I have helped others with acoustic echo cancellation.

I am equally skilled in payment processing systems (having designed and coded software that integrates with banks, gateways for credit card, ACH systems, and ICL composition (Remote Deposit).  I am familiar with banking rules i.e. PCI compliance and NACHA guidelines.

I am very good at integration.  Using different APIs and REST APIs.  Both using and designing software that exposes those APIs.  I have written software that integrates with Twilio, Authorize.Net, Bank of America, Chase, QuickBooks (Native code version) and QuickBooks Online.

I work well with teams, I can follow instructions as well as I can give them.  I am easy-going and lighthearted but I can focus in like a laser beam when I'm working on a project!

  • CRM / Scheduling Software Design and Development
  • Extensive parallel programming (Multithreaded, Multiprocess) / synchronization experience
  • DSP audio algorithms and mixing engines
  • Expert with Asterisk© (Source code customization/maintenance), VoIP systems, Dynamic IVR and voice recognition
  • Cellular network development experience. Back-end, seamless cellular (MVNO) integration with private telephony infrastructure.
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Deep understanding signaling and real-time protocols (SIP/RTP/RTCP)
  • Visual Studio, X-Code, VS Code, Netbeans, Eclipse
  • Distributed Computing Architecture
  • Windows and Linux Server Administration
  • Network protocol programming (Server and Client)
  • Assembley, C, C++, PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/JQuery
  • Mobile development: experience in Java and Objective-C as well as HTML5/CSS/Javascript targeting mobile.
  • Postfix / Sendmail / Dovecot
  • See my contributions on stackoverflow.com
  • Natural leader
  • Out-of-the-box thinking problem solver.  This is my number one attribute.
  • Microcontroller (MCU/CPU) development - ARM, ATMega, x86_64. Hardware/Software interrupt handling. Extensive experience with low-level communication protocols e.g. UART TTL/RS232, I2C, SPI
  • QuickBooks (Online/Desktop) SDK/API Integration
  • REST API development, Authentication techniques e.g. (2FA, OAuth2.0)
  • IoT over cellular network / WiFi
  • API Integration with Google Services
  • Strong work ethic
  • Customer targeting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Operations management
  • Financial analysis
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Inventory control and management
  • Networking expert
  • Communicative optimistic and motivational attitude among coworkers
  • Payment processing code development and financial institution integration
  • Analytical thinker
  • And most importantly, nothing I've ever done has been tested on animals. 😁
Member IEEE
  • Computer Society, Technical Committee on Software Engineering
  • ComSoc - Communication Society
Work History
Senior Software Engineer, 12/2008 to Current
O'Brien Garage Doors - Fort Worth-Arlington Arlington, Texas, United States
  • Oversee IT department and budgeting.
  • Technological planning and projection.
  • Full stack design, programming and implementation of custom CRM software.
  • CRM Software integration with QuickBooks.
  • Full stack design, programming and implementation of custom VoIP technology.
  • Designed and wrote custom enterprise-level softphones with DSP technology.
  • Integrated native code softphone software with browser-based CRM via WebSocket protocol server built into the softphone clients.
  • Design, program and implement mobile software for field technicians.
  • Built both low-level and high-level payment-processing solutions from hardware reading credit card track data and submitting it to banks via their APIs, to keyed-entry submissions to Authorize.Net
  • Implemented custom OCR technology to read check MICR information and compile NACHA (ACH) files for submission to ACH Operators.
  • Designed software to compile ICL (Remote Deposit) files for submission to banks via API.
  • Design and implement custom solutions for email marketing to maintain contact with customers.
  • Integrate mobile, web and desktop applications with Google Maps APIs for technician route planning.
Owner, 02/2005 to 04/2008
Acme Overhead Door and Gate Company Bowie, TX
  • Business strategy and budget planning.
  • Managed field service teams.
  • Advertising strategy and budgeting.
  • Implemented team-building exercises.
  • Kept up employee morale and motivation.
  • Designed and programmed our own CRM and scheduling software
Computer Programmer, 06/1996 to 08/1996
EDS Inc. Garland, TX
  • Learned the basics of accounting.
  • Designed and programmed multi-user accounting software.
  • Used Borland Turbo C compiler.
Service Technician, 10/1995 to 12/1999
Acme Garage Doors Richardson, TX
  • Learned excellent customer service and social skills.
  • Perfected sales skills as we were paid commision.
  • Learned employee collaboration / interpersonal skills working on projects with coworkers.
  • Solidified my work ethic.
Systems Analyst, 08/1994 to 04/1995
Starfleet International Corp. 1216 E. Colonial Dr. Suite 7, Orlando, FL
  • Designed and wrote MS-DOS based main menu software.
  • Designed and wrote early networking software.
  • Ordered and accounted for computer components.
  • Built, troubleshot, installed and networked (Token Ring) business computers.
Bachelor of Science: Computer Science, 2004
Midwestern State University - Wichita Falls, TX

Amateur Radio Operator - (KD4DPI) Technician Plus License

Certified Scuba Diver